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Add Web Services and integration to legacy products, and take control of your Zip and Compass networks. Commander »

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Man jumpingLive Risk analysis for your buildings

North partners with BSCM Operational Risk to create powerful new tools. Read article


North ZipZip Distributed Data Acquisition and Control

Zip is the low-cost intelligent data acquisition and control system for integrated building automation systems


Remote Building Monitoring

Remote Building Monitoring/Management brings more benefits than you think.


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Frequently asked questions, and their answers, for the entire North product range.

Case Study

Oxford Brookes University Oxford Brookes University, Oxford. At Oxford Brookes University a large multi campus HVAC Control System has been upgraded to run over Commander and Compass utilising both the internal PABX system and IP networks to get all building data back to the energy managersí office. Over 50 ZiP 7013 boiler controllers have been used to control Domestic hot water in 47 buildings. read case study..


North Approved Partner Scheme logo North Approved Systems Partners are highly skilled to provide high quality solutions using North products. see partners..


alarm routing diagram North provide interfaces to hundreds of compatible building automation systems see interface list..