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Introducing North Building Technologies

Overview of North, including what we do and our location


Remote Building Monitoring

Remote Building Monitoring/Management brings more benefits than you think.


North ZipZip Distributed Data Acquisition and Control

Zip is the low-cost intelligent data acquisition and control system for integrated building automation systems


e-Library reference bookProduct Documentation

The e-Library is a complete set of reference documentation for all North products.

Case Study

Pfizer, Sandwich Pfizer Factory Complex, Sandwich. This huge complex has many small to medium sized Compass and Commander installations across many buildings. These provide everything from a simple HVAC Control System to Chiller interface to a full Fire management system. read case study..


North Approved Partner Scheme logo North Approved Systems Partners are highly skilled to provide high quality solutions using North products. see partners..

Interface Technology

alarm routing diagram North provide interfaces to hundreds of compatible intelligent systems see driver list..