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Add Web Services and integration to legacy products, and take control of your Zip and Compass networks. Commander »


RS232 to RS485New RS485 to RS232 Adapter

North releases new RS232 to RS485 adapter. Read article


North ZipZip Distributed Data Acquisition and Control

Zip is the low-cost intelligent data acquisition and control system for integrated building automation systems


Remote Building Monitoring

Remote Building Monitoring/Management brings more benefits than you think.


ObSys CDDownload Software

Download the latest ObSys and Commander software.

Case Study

Metropolitan police Metro- politan Police Stations, London. A major upgrade is being made to the cells in a large number of Police stations in London. Zip is used to monitor the cells which Compass then routes to a custom designed activeX link. This display allows cell statuses and alarm conditions to be actioned by the Police on duty in over 40 stations so far. read case study..


North Approved Partner Scheme logo North Approved Systems Partners are highly skilled to provide high quality solutions using North products. see partners..

Interface Technology

alarm routing diagram North provide interfaces to hundreds of compatible intelligent systems see driver list..