M7202A Display module

Zip M7202a Schematic

The Zip M7202A is a 4 line LCD user interface module. It is designed to flush mounted on the front of a panel for use by engineers, or wall mounted for end users to obtain information and control connected building systems.

The display and 4 buttons on the ZIP M7202A can set up to show pages from User Data (Auto mode) or can be defined by the engineer (Manual mode).

With flexibility in mind

  • Integrates seamlessly with hvac, access control and other building control and monitoring systems
  • Simply to engineer pages
  • A range of stylish finishes

Economical to apply

  • Low-cost Zip-based solution
  • Already proven technology
  • Employs off-the-shelf contacts for inputs

The M7202A relies on a proven RS485 network for communications between the modules and a ZipMaster. Compass, one version of the ZipMaster, sits on an RS485-based integration network which is compatible with over 200 different building-control systems, including CCTV, bms, security, lighting and many international standards. Another version of the ZipMaster, Commander, serves information directly onto IP as HTML web pages and can send alarm messages via e-mail.

Product Codes

ZIP/M7202A 4 line display module

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Commander Commander allows you to add Web services and integration to legacy products and will take control of your Zip and Compass networks. Learn more..


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