Remote Building Monitoring

A fully integrated remote monitoring system can provide huge benefits to companies with multiple sites. Whether those sites are local, such as a University campus or spread out around the world, such as a Telecoms company or multinational Bank.

Remote monitoring of buildings via a fully integrated back bone such as Commander or Obsys 2.0 is simple and provides a quick return on investment. The ability to centrally monitor energy usage, manage alarms, perform site by site comparisons, generate exception reports and feed information into the Business are all of great benefit and can be provided by deploying North products.

Remote monitoring brings quick financial returns in terms of maintenance too. For example, if you have a fault on a site with an Air conditioning unit, the normal method would be to call out an engineer, who will diagnose the problem, he will then go and get spare parts and return to fix the problem. With an integrated remote monitoring system, you would know that there was an air conditioning fault, and would also know hat that fault was. You could ensure that the engineer had the correct parts on board before visiting site. It may be that the fault is minor, and decide to adjust the settings on an adjacent unit to compensate until a scheduled maintenance visit occurs, thus reducing the need for a call out all together. This reduces call outs, carbon emissions and down time, all of which save significant sums of money.

By connecting all of the building services to a North Obsys 2.0 or Commander device, all of the data from every system can be viewed and even adjusted via the internet or intranet. The examples below give you an idea of how this can be achieved technically.

Open an exampleOpen an illustrated example of a remote building monitoring solution.

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Case Study

Metropolitan police Metro- politan Police Stations, London. A major upgrade is being made to the cells in a large number of Police stations in London. Zip is used to monitor the cells which Compass then routes to a custom designed activeX link. This display allows cell statuses and alarm conditions to be actioned by the Police on duty in over 40 stations so far. read case study..

Interface Technology

alarm routing diagram North provide interfaces to hundreds of compatible intelligent systems see driver list..