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We make control products for buildings

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Infrared thermovision image of building showing heat loss

We know buildings

Our products help control iconic commercial buildings as well as everyday homes around the world, and have done so for over 20 years.

Building pipework with pressure gauge

We know control

We understand the balance between comfort and energy efficiency, and between up-front cost and long-term benefit.

We build relationships

We want to know you

We work with all people involved in building control. We understand they are busy, and recognise that they want the best.


Our products improve building performance and simplify building management

Diagram of various building-related services connecting to North

Smarter systems

No single control system can do everything. Different systems are better at different tasks. The smart way is to link them together.

Close-up of cable connecting to a device

Better control

Packaged controllers already perform their functions well. Combining and optimising makes the whole system even more efficient.

Simple LED status indicator and phone displaying information from a North system

Simpler displays

Building users need simplicity, even though buildings are not simple. Service providers need more power at their fingertips.


Our products are configured by trusted resellers, installers and OEMs for a whole range of building types, including domestic and commercial

Group of people working together


We build strong relationships with our customers, so they can supply and configure our products with confidence, and know who to call if they need enhancements.

Whiteboard with training related words


We want our customers to get the best from our products, so offer a range of learning tools, as well as telephone support.

View of an open road vanishing into the distance


A simple word for the most powerful concept and fundamental to the way we work both technically and commercially.



North are an independent company based in Brighton, UK since 1995


We are not biased towards any other company, and can therefore work with all. Neither do we promote any particular communication protocol, even though we know them all.


We are based on the UK’s south coast. London is local, and so are its transport systems, including Gatwick and Heathrow airports.


In 1995 we introduced the concept of integration with our Compass Points. In 1999 we introduced ObSys. Zip first arrived in 2001. Compass evolved into Commander

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