Our controllers contain our driver technology, which can access the data within thousands of other products

Driver list

Simple control

Our controllers are simple to set-up, whether it’s sharing a few values between systems or controlling multiple buildings


Users need to interact with their building intuitively. Service providers may need more detailed information


We have switch inputs, button and LED panels, simple menu-driven text displays and touch screens, all of which are easy to use.


Some users prefer to interact using their phone, tablet, or PC. Our intuitive automatic web pages are always available, and our configurable pages allow graphics to be overlaid with dynamic elements.


When advanced displays are needed for dedicated building managers, our PC software adds even more power. Alarm Manager analyses event lists, Data Manager brings value logging and statistical analysis, and ObView's flexible mimics provide a more detailed view.


Our field controller with integration, control strategy, and automated web pages

Commander Overview


Our advanced control, display and management software for PCs


The core of ObSys is ObServer, our controller software that integrates using our driver technology. It runs on desktop, rack-mount, and embedded PCs.


ObServer also contains WebView, which supports both automated and tailor-made web pages. Interact with your building by phone, tablet, and desktop.


Enhancement applications provide higher-level functionality, such as alarm management and archiving, data logging and analysis, and ObView's powerful graphics.

ObSys Overview


Our range of input-output modules connects to different types of sensors and actuators, wherever they are


Different I/O configurations can be built by clipping several general-purpose Zip modules together. Perfect for building control panels.


Fixed-function Zip modules perform particular tasks, including simple LED indication, text display, and access control.


Zip modules link to a controller using a network that can daisy-chain around a whole house, or a floor of a commercial building.

Zip Overview