We need well-informed engineers to configure our products, and you need up-to-date products that are well supported. Let’s get together

Systems integrators

These companies bring together their knowledge and our products, to produce a building solution that is greater than the sum of its part. We support them all the way and welcome new partners.



We recognise that manufacturers need reliable ways of extending their product range, by adding protocol functionality or other advanced features. Use our system to enhance yours. Ask us.

Building users

The real benefits of integration may only appear when a building and a user come together, by providing that user with a simpler way of interacting with their building. Speak to us, we can help.


We have courses to help with your professional development, wherever you prefer to learn

At home

We have self-study tutorials and training kits on how to use our products. Work through these at your own pace. They show you exactly what to do, and what you will see.

Find a tutorial

In class

Our tutored courses are the most efficient way to increase your knowledge, as our course leaders can adapt to your learning requirements. Bring your laptop and any questions or equipment.

Training courses

On site

Sometimes the easiest way to learn is to ask when a problem arises. An email or a few minutes on the phone can save days of frustration.



A simple word for the most powerful concept

Open protocol

When a manufacturer allows us to use their protocol, our driver technology enables their products to connect with other open systems, improving building control.

Open supply

We will supply to whoever uses or wants to use our products. No closed shop. No tie-ins. No exclusivity. Allowing you to supply the best solution for the end user.

Open door

If you have any questions, or need more information at all, please ask. We are here to help, in any way we can.